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Selling to us overview

At ICS we have long-standing relationships with our customers which is testament to the excellent service we provide based on competitive prices, honestly and efficiency, We also help you handle your scrap metal responsibly and compliantly in line with the relevant legislation.

Who do we buy from?

The short answer is anyone who produces scrap metal. This includes the general public, other scrap metal merchants, construction and demolition contractors, local trades and businesses, manufacturers, government bodies and service providers to name but a few.

Collection or delivery

We recycle around 12 million tonnes of scrap metal every year

ICS are well-versed in making your life easy. We have over 125 recycling centres worldwide and we can either take delivery at your nearest site, or come and collect from you. We handle everything from one-off deliveries of a few pounds, to contracts of thousands of tonnes, helping you meet your recycling targets, while maximizing your profits. We also have mobile balers, shears and heavy lift capabilities available on request and all of our collection vehicles are monitored by our advanced computer tracking system to ensure security.

While it will feel like you’re dealing with a local independent, you’re guaranteed the unshakeable reliability of a large global organization. Our dedication both to our customers and to the environment gives you the reassurance of knowing you’re getting the most competitive price, for the most reliable service, with the most responsible attitude.

Competitive Price& Compliance Advice.

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